Variation XI (Erotica)

One thing happens another thing happens and all these things happen together.


Mockingbird and the opera singer
Suddenly she hears the smacking the lasting the slip of he and she in the night through placid walls she and he oohing and oozing and ahhing.  Initially she fumbles curses and dines.   Standing she placates to listen harder rubbing harder just as the birds begin through placid windows oohing and oozing and ahhing birds like she birds like he the smacking the lasting the slip.  Involuntarily, she squeezes her eyes to close her ears and her own voice bubbles up from within her gut her lungs her throat and mimics the sound like birds.

Serious things make her laugh.  When the shes and hes that she knows most know the world and two not two.  Another she knows she knows and speaks with.  Then before then the familiar shes came to know to then know now and feel.


The unimaginable only imaginable fantasy only fascination.
The impossible must be imagined must irresistibly draw the attraction and interest of
The caring

More to no more.  I’m fine thank you (in John Lennon’s voice).  Talking to talking more.

The large parts wash over her.

Properly she may either on her back or prone.  With her hips forward she is above you her dick inside you opens your mouth opens her mouth.  And with her hips down she is beneath him forwarding his dick more firmly within.  Repeat and reply all.

Julia Fox is a fox.
I’m trying to work this burn she says she cant speak.  Lips almost not parted.  Sotheysay hes do say. Look through small, steady lit windows and follow hundreds, without a word you are showing me your bare breasts and your best friends, you never stay home and then when you stay home for days. I met her at her inside her apartment.  I knew you wouldn’t be ready.  I just wanted to see you I said.  Looking for her other earring, I look for the mosquito net I know she has, but why in this city I wonder.  Shes like princesses, my curiosity sincere.  She makes as if she remembers hes of nights and shes of nights.  She makes as if if sounds dirty dirty as if.  She had had a few when.

Awayshe tells she what it’s like.  It’s like she was not me but there with you twoless.
I’m starting to feel normal again.

Like so many oh so nice men she glares she knows.

Still many thought through many and what we do not know.

A manly man must muster past master.

Line of holes.


(Excerpt published in Tongue, Taste, Appetite, Issue 1)