Variation V

Too pretty never too oh so oh.  My toe touches the whale to.


You can’t really try but you can’t just hand someone peace of mind.  They are living in a dream but she hands her peace of mind.  Eyes open she places peace of mind in her hands.

Not a crowd pleaser but she praises the hes and shes she loves.


You were a girl at the same time I was a boy.  I have a feeling at the same time I was a boy you were a girl.

Unadorned I want to adorn and adore you. I have lost all you can have all lost control has any way with me.  One heart walks up to another heart no joke.
Her words are gold only mine here. Hear. Hear.

They put on coats to make it safer.  Putting on coats does not make it okay.
They held each other in the snow with seven layers of coats.

The slut knows his loneliness all too well.

Ignorant species
The way they were should have scared him.  It’s the painting he made the impression he gave to keep him away yet he.
I did not want a bath from you.

I saw her again, the crazy from next door only saying the moon is full the only thing to say crazy day.  I would get crazy back and a cigarette.

“…fixed by the sun, giving it my face and ears and hands (I kept my gloves in my pocket). I had no desire to shoot pictures, and lit a cigarette to be doing something; I think it was that moment when the match was about to touch the tobacco that I saw the young boy for the first time.”

I was thrown. He was sick when my mother would take him to the doctor when I was young I saw only one meteor.
Her singing faded because I walked away and an arm falls over the edge.  The world turned beneath feet a place leaves you.

Now whyless and then there’s her ass again and her open mouth.

And then there’s that animal thing…