A.  Not more than one line.  The content must reference a dream or a lover.


[Extra space]


B.  Reflect on the times or immediate surroundings.

C.  Write a portrait. Write it as many times as necessary.


[Extra space]


D.  Construct a chain in content or grammar.

E.  Flanked contrast in tone. ABA

F.  Remember into the future.

G.  The gender of this section should be interchangeable.

H.  Use at least three types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, and fragment) or three perspectives (first, second and third person).  Use specific words.

I.  First person

J.  Use like or let’s or quote someone.

K.  Mean something.

L.  This section should relate specifically to some other section on the page.

M.  The last sentence must be very short or extremely long.

Repeat often.
Do what has to be done.